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What is Culturalist?

Culturalist is the place where you can celebrate the things you love, complain about the things you hate, vote for your favorites and reminisce about your past, all by creating Top 10 lists!

What can I do here?

At Culturalist, we want to know what you think about anything and everything! Not sure where to start? Click on one of these popular lists to make your own top 10 and be counted in the Aggregate!

How do I find lists to make?

Whatever your interest, Culturalist has a list in which you can participate. See what’s trending on the homepage, or search for something more specific. Click on any list that catches your eye and you can join the conversation by selecting and ranking your top 10!

What if I don't find anything?

If you didn’t find the list you’re looking for, be the first and start a brand new list! Just make sure it follows our Community Guidelines.

What is the Aggregate?

If you’ve finished making a list, your top 10 is now counted towards the Aggregate. Every time a list is added, the overall top 10 is recalculated so it reflects the entire Culturalist Community. The only way to be counted is by making a list, so get ranking!

How do I change my list?

Change your mind? You can always go back and edit your list. To delete a list, please email us at and include your list URL.

Help! You haven't answered my question!

More questions? Drop us a line at and we’ll help you out!